A Full Life
Ruangrat Bencharit


Working by the sea is never boring for Ruangrat Bencharit since she has a great bond with the sea from the time she was a young girl.

“Tukta” Runagrat Bencharit, Managing Director of Seat Boat Company Limited a complete service boat company that builds, repairs and offers myriads of boat services to boat afficionados.

The core business of this company is in Pattaya where Tukta has been working for over 10 years. Each week she spends 6 days working in Pattaya and 1 day in Bangkok, however, if there are ongoing engagements in Pattaya then she would have to forgo coming home to Bangkok for the week.

Eventhough Seat Boat is a family business, Tukta did not just stepped right to the top immediately. Her father had her slowly worked her way up until he was confident enough that she was fit for the MD position at 35.

Late one afternoon of a mid-week day, we took a 2-hour drive to Pattaya and met with Tukta who was on hand to greet us at her Pattaya Beach office.

“Why is it so quiet, are you closed today?” we asked when we saw that the showroom was quiet.

“We are closed on Wednesdays, because weekends are the busy days for us” answered Tukta.

We started the interview on the second floor reception room with a great view of the sea on the opposite side of the road.

“Clients who have boats kept with us would usually wait here until we bring the boats right on the beach so they can easily walk over and get up the boats. Today I’ll take you where we dock the boats and to the boat factory.” Tukta said, before we started asking her about how a girl like her came to manage such a masculine business.

“It’s a family business. My grandfather, Ben Bencharit was in the rice business but he had a hobby sailing boats. My father, the youngest son, always joined him in this hobby. Grandfather was quite talented and spoke 3 languages, Thai, English and Chinese. I’m the youngest grandchild and never got to know him well because I was very young when he passed away.

… My father has 5 brothers and sisters.
… Uncle Pirote, the oldest
… Aunt Supanee, (MD of Sea Tours Co., Ltd.)
… Then Uncle Piraj, father of Pimpun Limpichart
… Aunt Sumalee Assakul
… And my father

… Father is passionate about boats and that’s why he decided to go into this business.

… My grandfather actually had originally opened a company called South East Asia Trading (Siam) co., Ltd. which as the agent for Johnson boat engines.

… Grandfather commissioned a wooden boat from locals and had the Johnson engine installed. When father graduated from abroad and came back to Thailand, grandfather had opened another company called Seat Co., Ltd where father used the company to import ski equipments for sale.

… Then he started importing Glastron boats with Mercury engines from USA, but at the time there was already a Mercury agent in Thailand.

… The business was doing quite well that father asked to be the sole agent for Mercury in Thailand and was granted. It’s been 31 years now.”

     Tukta was only about 3 or 4 then but she was already going with her father on the boats in Pattaya.

    “Back then there was nothing in Pattaya, we were one of the pioneer businesses in Pattaya.

… I remember going on father’s boats since I was around 3 or 4. We would go to Koh Larn with the family which took 2-3 hours to reach the island. The family means my father, mother (Pan) and sister (Kedkarn Bencharit), my sister is 1 and half years older than me.

… Back then the boats we drove were wooden boats. Father said sometimes the boats would crack on the way. He likes to fish and do other water sports like ski. He is one of the first people to start skiing in Pakkred (Nonthaburi).

…  Father is 69 this year and still go boating but less frequent now not like before when he would go out boating every week even when he injured his tendon, the staff had to carry him on the boat. He is truly with boating and the sea.

… My mother is 9 years younger than my father, she will be 60 this year. She used to go with us on the boats but now she is afraid of the sun and would go on the yachts only when we have family guests.

    People would usually do things well when they love the things they do,  like these father and daughter who turned passion into business.

   “Father was never in the rice business, he only concentrated on his boat business. He thought of a way to increase the sale of the boat engines and believed Pattaya was a good place to do business so he opened Seat Pattaya Co., Ltd on April 14, 1971.

… We did not have our own place yet then so father rented a plot of land by the beach. We only had a staff of 7-8 people then.

… He started by installing Mercury engines on 2 of the wooden boats he had repaired. They were for hire, usually to Koh Larn. After that there were many more new boats.

… After about 5 years, father thought of opening his own boat building factory but did not have any land to start. Khun Chatri Sophonpanich (of Bangkok Bank) was kind enough to let father use his land. He started building fiber glass boats and opened another company called Seat Boat.

… This name came from grandfather’s rice company, South East Asia Trading (Siam) Co., Ltd so father used the abbreviation SEAT.”

    It is normal to face obstacles when starting new things but nothing is beyond our determination.

   “We started with only 10 employees, the first boat we built was a 13-footer. We had to hire experts to help us but it wasn’t easy. Building fiber glass boats isn’t as easy as it seems.

… The method of mixing gel-coat and laying fiber isn’t easy. If there happened to be bubbles in the fiber, the boats could break which has happened to us before.

… There were people who tried doing this business before my father but very few because it is a small industry in Thailand and the margins are very low.

… Most people think the margins are large but it isn’t true. We have survived in this business because we really love doing it. It’s more about passion than making money.

… Over 30 years in this business, we had to find our own solutions to most problems since there was no one we could turn to for advice. It has been mostly trials and errors.

… Back then finishing a boat was really a big deal. Our customers always teased us that Seat boats always come with extra things. There were things left behind in the boats like boxes of nails and other tools.  Proper check lists had not yet been adopted.”

Tukta came to help her father right after graduating from ABAC, with a degree in accounting. It was much faster than she had expected.

   “When I graduated from ABAC, I thought I would further my studies in the US since my sister was already in San Diego and so there I went.

… I intended to do my MBA there but before I could start my study father said you better come back and help me.

… I was about 25, he said if you want to help me you have to come and live here, meaning Pattaya where the core business was situated.

… I said OK.


Tukta agreed without hesitation because she knew it was her responsibility.

   “Father did not demand that I had to help but for him to ask me I knew I had to do it. I had always had a bond with the sea, I love the sea.

… Father loves speed boats, he likes to test our new boats but I love water sports like water ski and sailing.

…  I am lucky that my parents never forced me to do anything, we had our freedom to do as we liked. Both my parents studied abroad.

… My mother went to Hong Kong to study since she was very young. She can speak, read and write Cantonese, Mandarin and Teochew as well as Thai and English.

… My mother met my father in Hong Kong when father was working at my grandfather’s office after graduating from the US.

… Father always guides us instead of instructs us.

… Like if I said “Father, I think this”

… He would say “I think this would be better”

… Then he would let us think about it. He has very good logics, his thought processes are easy to understand and practical.

… Instead of risking and fall down, he would guide us to the right way but if we wanted to try other ways and fall down it was OK with him too.

… I never thought of working in other places because I don’t have a brother. I knew I had to do this but it was just too fast for me.

… I thought, who would do it if I didn’t do it.

… My sister is very feminine, she helps the company in the Bangkok office. In this business you’ve got to be quite tough and I think I am tough enough.

… In the boat building section it is all men. All the craftsmen are men only some of the fiber experts are women, the repair section is also all men.

… I think at some point father will retire and he would be very happy if he knew he could hand over all this to someone.”

Tukta had to live alone in Pattaya to take care of the business there, unlike when she was young it was come for the weekend and back to Bangkok. She had to change her way of life.

   “At first I had to adapt a lot. I grew up in Bangkok and all my friends are there. Never thought Pattaya would be like what I experienced.

… Back then when I came to Pattaya with my friends it was all fun. We would go out boating and come back to party at night.

… But working here on weekdays, it is very quiet. There was nothing back when I first started here, no good movie theatres. All the movies would be dubbed in Thai and the pubs here were really outdated.

… Not like now, Pattaya has developed a lot but the bad thing is people come here for the women. Sometimes I hear foreigners talk about Thai women in a bad way, I feel bad.

… I was asking myself whether I could live here.

… But I thought I have to do this for my father

… It wasn’t easy, at times I was very stressed. It was responsibility against preference.

… I like all kinds of sports, in Bangkok I would play sports like badminton at least 3 times a week. When I first moved here I stopped everything.

… I lived in a small apartment above the office, 5 minutes and I am at the office”

    Tukta had to change her lifestyle completely from what she was accustomed to.

   “I started at the entry level and received a salary like any other employee, I even had to fill in the company’s application form (laughed).

… I had just finished college with absolutely no work experience, I didn’t know how the system worked, no coach.

… I asked my father what he wanted me to do. He said there are a lot of things to do, find your own work???

…  When I was young I had a lot of fun, I enjoyed going out with my friends. I never really knew the details of my father’s work because father never discussed them at home.

… So when I first started I was really confused didn’t know where to start. I mean the business was not big at all but for a young person it was tough. Our old employees knew what they were doing, I didn’t know how to blend in or learn from them. I was also shy.

… I was very frustrated when any of our staff would come in for advice, I was not confident at all. At meetings they would go into details like we have to use knots this or that size, I didn’t know a thing about it.

… And there were no places in Thailand to learn about boat building, may be engineering would help but I studied at St. Joseph Convent until I graduated from high school then I went to ABAC to study accounting, never had anything to do with engineering.”

Tukta didn’t know she was so stressed. Her body and mind were not functioning well.

   “My father and my mother compliment each other. Mother is a very serious person and always taught me that I had to have a plan and a mission in life. I had to be successful and not waste time in life.

… But my father is completely different, he is very relaxed, like a friend. So have both sides to help me.

… I have both qualities in me, both serious and relaxed.

… I felt responsible that I had to succeed in working here. I was so stressed I was sick. When I came to Bangkok to see my friends, they would say I was always day dreaming. I lost my ability to concentrate.

… I felt sick when I came back to Pattaya, I called my best friend who was nice enough to drive to Pattaya and picked me up to come back to Bangkok.

… My father told me to see a doctor.

… I am lucky that my parents are open-minded. They knew I needed professional help and urged me to see a doctor.

… I went to see Dr. Chantima Ongkosit, a friend of my father. She said my sickness was caused by a shock by a complete change in lifestyle and environment which caused my body chemicals to become toxic.

… My mother was so kind, she was traveling abroad and I called her, she said not to worry she would help me. She set up a condo for me and sent a maid to live with me.

… I changed from living in the small apartment, a small box of a room, to a larger condo with a maid and a dog. That really helped me.”

   When her life improved, her work also improved. She knew what to do and how to do it.

   “I slowly learned about my work, sometimes I got stuck (laughed)

… But I think it is a good thing that my father sent me here. I always thought I had to lean on my parents all the time but now I can stand on my own 2 feet.

… Although, father always supported me but here I have to be strong. It really made me strong because I did it on my own.

… I think my father sent me here because he needed someone that he could trust and rely on to be at where the heart of the business is.

… Whenever I faced serious problems, I would call my father for advice and he is always there for me giving valuable advices.

… Back when I was young, I was impatient and wanted quick actions and quick solutions but father would tell me, nothing in life comes easy and quick.

… When I look back at the 10 years I have been here, it is true there are a lot of changes. And they are not slow, it is my mind going faster than reality.

… Now I know every organization has problems, ten years from now my company will still have problems but we will continue to grow and improve.”

   Seat Boat Co., Ltd has 4 main departments, the sales and import departments are in Bangkok.

   “My father works in Bangkok with my sister, the office deals with sales to the government and private sectors. We have sales persons who specialize in sales to the government sector like the Customs Department and the Forestry Department.

… As to the private sector, it is quite slow now, we don’t go out to sell but rather the customers come to see us.

… I oversee the business in Pattaya, each day I have to run to 4 places. The first place is the factory in South Pattaya where I am usually at.

… At this factory we have a design department, carpentry department, stainless department, upholstery department, electricity department and the trailer department which carries the boats to the sea. I oversee all these departments 100%.

… I have my right-hand man who has been working with us since he was 18. Now he takes care of all the productions. Our boat building standard is quite high now, I credit him for the improvement. All together at this factory we have 95 people.

… Then there is Seat Pattaya which is here. It is the engine service department. We install and repair engines. I only oversee the policy because there is a good man here. We have 60 people here.

… The third department is customer service. We offer docking and boat repair services to our customers.

… And the fourth department is the factory for building large yachts. This one is an 80-footer which I have been constructing for 2 years now.

… We have recently opened a branch in Phuket this past year, actually we have had an office in Phuket for a long time but it was small and not up to the Pattaya standard.

… We want our customers to be confident that they can get the same standard of service in the South too. In Phuket we only offer engine services.”

   Eventhough fiber glass boat building is not a big industry but there are a few competitors in the business, therefore, Seat Boat has to always keep up with its standard. Tukta proudly added about the work process and system in her company.

   “I am quite confident that no other fiber glass boat builder has the same standard as we do.

… Fiber glass boats seem like they are easy to build, if you can mold fiber glass into something that looks like a boat, it can be called a fiber glass boat.

… But there are more to building a boat, you need to calculate the number of passengers for the boat to determine the size of the engine.

… Some customers want to save money, instead of installing a 200 Horse Power engine they used a 90 Horse Power engine. Surely problems will occur because you are overusing the boat like a skinny person trying to carry a heavy stone. Some customers don’t understand when we say you can not install such a small engine.

… Or sometimes they load 20 passengers onto a 5-passenger boat. The boat will surely break.

… Our design department will design boats with engines that have specific capacities, speeds and for cruising in fresh or sea waters. Depending on the usage the thickness of the fiber glass and the structure of the boats will be different.

… Some substandard factories may want to save costs by using thinner fiber glass or a structure that isn’t suitable for the particular usage. When the boats are in use they will soon break. Our boats are not cheap but you can be sure of the quality.

… And we can built the boats complete from engines, electrical wiring to furniture.

… Some people buy imported boats but don’t know where to go for service and repair they have to come to us.

… I always tell our customers to use Thai-built boats because some imported boats are not suitable for the weather in Thailand. Like the air-cons are not cool enough or electricity power is different or problems with termites.

… Our boats are 100% fiber glass even the keel which imported boats usually use wood, Thai termites are quite fierce. They fly in as moths and can lay eggs in the boats. Once we found millions of termites in a boat that came for repair we had to remove everything a built a new keel.

… Many people are skeptical of our quality but they soon find out”

    One evidence of the quality of Seat boats is that the company has exported boats to countries with high boating standards.

   “During Thailand’s recession a few years ago, we were fortunate enough to have customers from Japan. They commissioned us to build boats under their own trademarks and they would do their own marketing.

… We had many of our boats on show at the Tokyo Boat Show and received good feedbacks.”

   Nowadays fiber glass boats have replaced wooden boats. Tukta explained the differences between the 2 types of boats.

   “We have never built a wooden boat because fiber glass boats are much lighter and stronger. They can last for decades if built well.

… Wooden boats have to be checked every year. Woods have to be fixed and checked for possible leaks between planks. Fiber glass boats have no leaks and if repainted they look brand new.

… Another thing, wood is now very expensive and it is a waste of natural resources to build wooden boats.”

   There are different sizes and types of fiber glass boats depending of on the usage.

   “We have 2 main markets; private and government. When the economy slows down we have less private and more of government.

… Most governmental departments need boats like the Forestry Department, Water Police, the Navy, Customs Department, Duty Department and the National Park Department. They use different kinds of boat; Mor. Kor. boats for Mae Kong River equipped with fire extinguishers to help people by the river when there fires.

… The Navy is a department that is very knowledgeable about boats but they have confidence in us. When they need fiber glass boats they usually buy from us.

… But what we are most proud of is that were commissioned to build a yacht for Her Majesty the Queen, a 38-footer called “Deva Thai”.

… Last year we built another yacht for the Navy, a 42-footer, to be used by Their Majesties.

… We are very proud that the Queen chose us, a Thai company instead of importing one. I think Thais are very capable people, we just need more technical and design know-how to be able to compete internationally.

… The quality of my company’s boats, I’m sure, can compete with imported boats, it is just our design may need a little improvement.

… If our customers have a good design or good ideas to give us we can certainly do it.

… But some people still have this idea that Thais made can not compare to foreign made which is so not true.

… During the economic boom we were building more than 100 boats per year. There were mostly 20 something feet boats.”

   Tukta now has a new project with a good feedback.

   “It’s commercial boat. We have built a sample boat to be sold for commercial use. In the past the sector has always used wooden boats.

… Like in Phuket when we see boats for hire or boats of the five-star hotels for transporting clients to and from the resorts, they always break every year because they are wooden boats not fit for heavy-duty use.

… This project was created to give a alternative to commercial boat users so that there will have good quality boats. Tourists in Phuket are in the upper market so they will a choice to use good boats. This will, in turn, help with the tourist industry too.

… When we started this project it was only on paper, we had not built the boat yet. But our customer is very nice when I told him about it he said I’ll buy the first one.

… These boats are very economical about 1.6 million Baht. We have joined with the engine sellers, we build the boats they supply the engines that is why we can offer them at such low prices.

… Before this we never dealt with this market because in the old time the buyers did not have much money and they would want to pay in installments and we would run in to collection problems so we stopped dealing in this market.

… Now it is different, the tourism industry has grown a lot and has upgraded.

… Wooden boats used to be very cheap much cheaper than fiber glass. But now wood is expensive, with this new project we can offer our boats at about 25% higher than normal wooden boats. They can now have new boats that  are safe, nice and high standard.”

    Tukta explained about the process of making a fiber glass boat.

   “The hard part in making a fiber glass boat is the molding. We have to invest a lot in this.

… After designing a boat we will built a temporary mold, then we build the hull and deck separately and assemble them together and test drive it.

… If it is OK, we will build the real mold for the boat from the test mold.

… But if it is not OK, we will fix and improve it and test again until it passes our test.

… Therefore all our boats built from the same mold will be the same, same standard.

… For wooden boats, you can not guarantee this, one boat might be good the other could be not as good.

… From what we heard the problem with these wooden boat builders are standard and punctuality. Sometimes they 3 months to complete it could turn out to be 9 months till it is completed.

… For us the hardest and time consuming part is building the mold, it takes 3-4 months, up to the complexity of the boat. After that it will be quick we just need to be sure about the mold. If we build from an existing mold it will take about 3-4 months to complete.”

   “How do you feel being a woman in this business” we asked.

   “Very fun (smiled)

… I grew up with this, some of the staff I know since I was young may be 18-19 years.

…Like the manager of Seat Pattaya, he has been here since I was 9 years old.

…I don’t regret coming to work here, it took me 2 years to adapt to the environment.

…But for the work it took me almost 5-6 years for me to fully understand and know the details of the work well.

… My relationships with my workers are good. I give them credit for whatever they do but I also have to show them that I got it too.

… My father taught me to treat my workers well. I can sit down and have lunch with them. I spend a lot of time with them, if I go out at night it is usually with them.

… The good thing about being here is I know things first hand, more than my father who is in Bangkok, so I know how to solve the problems.

… The 6 days a week that I am here is all about work. After work I go to exercise on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Tuesdays I am home reading. I go back to Bangkok on Saturdays have fun and come back on Sunday night. Monday it is time for work again.

… When I am in Bangkok I go out dining with my friends

… The good thing about this work is it is a hobby for others. It is a kind of work that we can relax with our customers. When my friends are here they can relax with me. We like to ski and scuba dive.

… When I go out with my customers I also can relax not just sitting at the meeting table. We can go out on the boat swim or ski.
… I have my own boats, sometimes I sell them and build a new one. I can drive them.

… I usually go island hopping, especially now that we have a branch in Phuket, I can go to PP Island or Hong Island with my friends or my staff.”

   Taking a boat out on a trip could be very expensive but for boat lovers they don’t mind paying.

   “That’s why they say the happiest times are when you buy a boat and when you sell a boat (laughed). I want my customers to be happy and make the most out of their boats, if they feel having a boat is a burden then I’m not happy.

…I would urge them to take the boats out. When my father was here he would go out with his customers every week. For me is less because I come to Bangkok on weekends to see my friends.

… Our Thai customers who buy boats from us don’t enjoy their boats very much because there don’t like the sun. Our European and American customers enjoy their boats much more. They would go out every weekend.

…Thais like to have helpers someone to drive the boat for them, which we have, but farangs would drive and take care of their own boats. They know much more about their boats than Thais.

…Thai customers when they don’t use the boats as much, of course, there are always things that can go wrong like a car parked for a long time. Then they don’t understand saying our boats or engines are not good.

…Before I joined the company I thought our company didn’t give enough information to our customers. Now I have improved this point a lot.

…Like when a customer comes to have his boat repaired we have to make sure we have the spare parts ready. We always use authentic spare parts and give them back their old parts so our customers trust us.

…I tell my staff when they sell a boat they must give full information to the customers and tell them what to expect. It is not like a car that most people already know what to expect from a car or how to do maintenance on a car. This has reduced customer complaints a lot.”

What about people who don’t have a lot of money but like boating what can they do?

   “We have to see what kind of budgets do they have. They are many kinds of boats, the smallest we build is an 8-footer that seats 2 people.

…Or fresh water boats start at 15 feet but they can not be driven in the sea.

…For Pattaya the boat should be at least 18 feet long with engines 150-200 Horse Power. For fresh waters in lakes, a 15-foot boat with 90 Horse Power engine is enough will cost you about 500,000 Baht.
…We also have jet boats from Regal Boat USA. They trust us to build their boats here under their design and brand name Regal.”

    Tukta said this past year has been very busy for the company this means it is good business for Seat Boat.

   “As I said, we were fortunate that when the private sector slows down we have the government sector to substitute, when the government sector slows down we the export when it slows down now we a new project building a large yacht which we have been building for 2 years now.

…When I first started the largest yacht we built was 40 feet. But now we have the opportunity to build yachts as big as 80 feet the one we currently building is our 3 third which is the most complicated and we are proud of it. It is for a European client.

… People in this business know that Europe has many high standard boat builder companies but this client of ours believe in us enough to commission us to build this yacht. I think because this is a custom made yacht and they see that we have the ability to do it.

… We are not into mass productions of boats like the USA. We build high quality boats at affordable prices but Thailand does not have enough buying power for us to go into mass production. So we target custom made boats.

… Thais are also good at wood work. Like the teak work, if ordered in Europe will be very expensive but we can do it very well in Thailand.”

   This customer has been referred by another customer when he came to see how the company ran he immediately sign a contract to commission the yacht.

   “This customer has been referred by another customer of ours. He told us he wanted a certain type of yacht so we told him the price and we both agreed. This is an 80-foot yacht, it is as high as a 4-story building it took 2 ½ years to complete. We just launch it in April.”

   We met Tukta in March and the finishing touches were still being done on the yacht. We followed Tukta to the factory especially constructed for the yacht but on the way we stopped at the Yacht we saw many boats on trailers.

   “This is where we keep our customers’ boats” said Tukta

   “And what is this pond for?” we asked pointing to cement built pond near the อู่

   Tukta explained. “This is for testing the air-conditioning and the power generator systems in the boats which need water to run them.”

… Also when lifting the boats from the sea before storing we would let fresh water run through the engine to cleanse the engine at the same time we would clean the outside of the boat with wet towels.

… Boats that haven’t been in the sea for a long time before going in the sea we would also put them in this pond to make sure everything is working well. We have 2 boat yacht, this one here is for storing both big and small boats the other one on the road back to Bangkok is for storing only big boats.

… Each boat has its own trailer, we will not keep any boat on the water because the boats will age very fast.

… Now we have a system for every process of work.

… We also have boats for rent. Daily rentals are from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon with one full tank and 1 boat staff. Our clients can specify whether they want a barbecue on an island or not or what drinks they want on the boat.”

   After this we went to Ocean Marina where the 80-footer yacht was being built. The yacht was on a trailer, we had to look up very high to be able to see the whole boat.

   “What do you think?”

   “Beautiful and very big, didn’t think it was so big.”

   “This customer of ours is an Austrian with a partner in Shanghai who comes in every other week to inspect the yacht.

… The design was quite particular, we went through about 300-400 different designs. Sometimes the designs are nice but do not really work in a boat.

… The interior design was done according the taste and specifications of the customer. Fortunate, our customer knew what he wanted. This project is quite complicated I spent over 2 years working full time on this project but the outcome is very satisfying. When my customer arrived in Thailand I called him and said you should come right away to see the boat.

… When he saw the yacht he was speechless, I was also happy to see our customer happy. The customer would come to spend time on the yacht even before it was released on the water. I also feel very attached to the boat after spending over years building it.”

   This yacht is called “My Shangrila”. Most boats are named after women.

   “It is said that a boat has emotions like a woman. Sometimes she is calm, sometimes angry just like the sea. You have to take care of her very well.”

   Tukta has learned a lot of new things by building this boat. Tukta explained as we walked up the yacht.

   “The interior of the boat is decorated with teak wood. It has a heater system for cold weather, 3 jacuzzis and a fire alarm system.

…Downstairs is the service room for engines, easy for maintenance”

   “This project is my real big project that I did on my own from start to finish with my father as an advisor” Tukta said smiling.

   “If is a very experience for me. I know every detail of the boat. I also give credit to my staff, it is really a team work. I have a good team.”

   From this special boat yacht, we went on the regular yacht

   “Have you ever counted how many boats the company has built?”

   “Over a thousand, we have been in business for 30 years now. In the beginning we didn’t have a record system now we do with full details of owners and record of maintenance and repairs.

… For the sake of marketing we have to come up with new boats all the time otherwise we will not be moving on.

… I think part of the reason we have been in business this long is because we have a good staff, they really care about the company”

   Tukta can now say that she came the right way, she loves her work so much there is no time for romance.

   “I really have fun working. I think my family is the most important thing in my life. I have very loving parents and sister. I’m very close to my sister and can always depend on her whenever I need her.

…My friends are also important to me. Most of them I have known since I was young, we are still a group. I have at least 2 or 3 friends who are always there for me, I can call them even at 1 or 2 in the morning.

…I have friends who are married and unmarried. I think women now are quite confident of themselves and it is harder nowadays for a married life.

…For me marriage is not the most important thing in my life. I want to concentrate on work now. I want to make my parents proud of me.

… Each interval in life, we have to focus on something, like when we were in school, study was the most important thing. At this time of my life I’d like to work, succeed in whatever I do and make my parents proud.

…You if ask me, I’ll say I’m contented now. I have been to places, I have had my share of drinks and pubs and what not. This is the time I am slowing down on those things and concentrate more on work.”

    We asked her whether her father still wants her to do some other things

   “Well, he does not ask for anything but he did say he wanted to build a 100-foot yacht someday.

… I also would like to do it for him but I will have to wait until someone orders it. I think it will come true someday after words go around about “My Shangrila”.

… I really want to make my father proud.”

Even if Tukta had not built such a big yacht we believe her parents would definitely be proud of her anyway because of her dedication to her work and business, a business that her father started with love and passion and it is growing everyday.

Tukta is not only fulfilling her full life but she is also making her loved ones happy and fulfilled. This is the result of being able to work on the things she loves.